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Equipment Repair and Maintenance
We offer our clients various kinds of equipment repair and maintenance services, including prevention and routing inspection, prior protection, emergency handling, periodic maintenance, spare parts and so on.
Energy-Saving and Cost-Reducing
As energy cost rising up, we look for new ways to save energy cost, improve energy efficiency, especially to save cost in water, electricity, coal and gas. We also provide new technologies and innovative ways to reduce energy cost, such as solar energy, wind energy, waste to energy technology, and so on.
Efficiency Improvement
Improving operating efficiency brings enterprises low input cost, and high output value. In order to achieve a high output to input ratio, we offer clients with high-efficiency equipment, technology, which can reduce the labor, time, material inputs and increase the quality, quantity of the outputs.
Environmental Protection
Environmental protection has become a national policy in many countries. More and more regulations and policies are coming up to require industrial enterprises to follow. Based on the concept of sustainable development, our company can help our clients with waste water problem, waste gas problem, and other environmental problems.
Safety Control
Safety control is the first and most important principle in equipment management and daily operation. It ensures equipments operate continually and prevents damages to workers, plant, and surrounding communities. We provide comprehensive services to include consultation, inspections, monitoring, and detecting for our clients.