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Scour & Impact Resistance

Application instructions

In the production of mining industrial, their process decide that numerous equipments unavoidably withstand long-term impact & erosion caused by material or hard particles in the course of operation, such as pipeline, pump body, impeller, mixing equipment, etc, which will cause abrasion of equipments, furthermore, comply with material corrosion in some environment, they will accelerate abrasion, finally make influence on equipment maintenance and usage life.

Application ranges

• Repair & protect all sorts of ore, coat, grain handling pipe, slope pipe.
• Repair & protect coke handling chute, crusher, large scale centrifugal pump, slurry mixer.
• Repair & protect dredge pump, drainage channels, silt cleaning boxes.

Material performance

• Unique ceramic material and special surface hardening agent, which can resist impact &abrasion caused by various practices.
• In the serve dry wear service, their abrasive resistance is superior to any steel, even ceramic tile.

Technical data

Package & storage two parts; shelf life is 2-10years (cool &dry)
Curing time @24 ºC
High load transformation: 24hr
Chemical resistance: 48hr (Curing time reduced by half when temperature increased by 11ºC)
Temperature: 80-1350 ºC
Adhesion(steel surface after grit blasted): 150-300kg/cm²
Hardness shore D (ASTM D-2240): 85-90
Flexural strength (ASTM D-790): 200-230 kg/cm²
Tensile strength (ASTM D-638): 340-450 kg/cm²
Compressive strength (ASTM D-695): 390-420 kg/cm²
Abrasion test,CIBA test g/sqin : 0.2
Thermal expansion coefficient(ASTM D-3386) : 43.2*10-6 inch/inchºC


Picture: Various pump repairing & rebuilding

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