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Leakage Repair

Application instructions

Under pressure, liquid or gas appears outward flow due to parts structure loose & invisible cracks. Reasons of leakage are most of imprecise setting & welding, medium corrosion, collision, weld holes, overpressure of sealing system, sometimes, leakage caused by various factors, which should be resolved intently, otherwise will create waste and outwards of toxic material, even make adverse influence on production and safety.

Application ranges

• Repair &protect leakage of various pipelines, PVC, glass steel, etc tubing;
• Repair & protect cracks of casting and cylinder;
• Repair & protect bond surface leakage of steam turbine, transformer, reducer, etc equipment

Material performance

• Adhesion to metal, concrete, plastic, etc hard surface;
• Excellent anti-high temperature, corrosion and erosion

Technical data

Package & storage two parts; shelf life is 2-10years (cool &dry)
Curing time @24 ºC
Machinable: 3-10min
Temperature: 200-500 ºC
Adhesion(steel surface after grit blasted): 180-300kg/cm²
Hardness shore D (ASTM D-2240): 85-90
Flexural strength (ASTM D-790): 760-830 kg/cm²
Tensile strength (ASTM D-638): 350-450 kg/cm²
Compressive strength (ASTM D-695): 1100-1800 kg/cm²
Izod impact test, adverse V port impact 1.0 Ft. lbs /inch
Thermal expansion coefficient(ASTM D-3386): 43.2*10-6 inch/inch•ºC


Picture1: Leak repair blower bearing box

Picture2: Leak repair gas pipeline

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