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Metal Repair & Protect

Application instructions

Abrasion reasons:

Most of equipments in industries are always large styles, which are complex to realize detachable repair. In the equipment operating service, it always leads to shaft damage, also appears bearing house abrasion due to inaccurate setting, timeless maintenance and insufficient lubrication. Traditional means generally adopt surfacing machining to realize repairing, but surfacing will elevate surface of parts to a very high temperature, make parts appear distortion or crack, obtaining sizes by machining will extremely extend shutdown time.

Scratching reasons:

In the production, due to friction or slip, the surface of products or equipments will appears visible deep point, line or lump damage called scratch, such as hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic arm, etc sealing parts injured by strain and scratch, create oil &gas leakage, thus make equipment out of operating, additionally, if purchasing or replacing parts, would be more expensive, time-consuming and influence normal production scratching always appears in various roller surface, finally influence product quality.

Application ranges

• Abrasion grade repair: shaft, shat liner, bearing block, keyway abrasion and thread slipscrew, etc.
• Scratching grade repair: surface scratching of slipway, pipeline, tank surface, roller, etc smooth substrates.

Material performance

• Adhesion to metal, concrete, plastic, etc hard surface;
• Excellent anti-high temperature, corrosion and erosion
• Good machinable & abrasion resistant

Technical data

Package & storage :two parts; shelf life is 2-10years (cool &dry)
Curing time @24 ºC
Machinable: 75min
Full mechanical performance 12hr
Full chemical resistance 24hr(Curing time reduced by half when temperature increased by 11ºC)
Temperature: 200-600 ºC
Adhesionsteel surface after grit blasted): 180-220kg/cm²
Hardness shore D (ASTM D-2240): 85-90
Flexural strength (ASTM D-790): 800-850 kg/cm²
Tensile strength (ASTM D-638): 380-450 kg/cm²
Compressive strength (ASTM D-695): 1200-2100 kg/cm²
Izod impact test, adverse V port impact 1.1 Ft. lbs /inch
Thermal expansion coefficient(ASTM D-3386): 44.8*10-6inch/inch•ºC


Picture1: Machinable repair abrasive electric machine rotor's bearing housing

Picture2: On-site repair cylinder housing

Picture3: Corrosion protect heat exchanger sheet

Picture4: Corrosion protect vacuum pump impeller

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