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Use Thermal Infrared Imager to do equipment inspections

There is an old saying, "repair after broken", which is impossible that obtain profit in nowadays industrial environment, and has been abandoned by American enterprises. Currently the concept of predictive maintenance has dominated American enterprises. We all recognize that we must take costly & inconvenience solutions to rescue once emergency occurred, but if we pre-arranged in the daily maintenance and got repaired, which can certainly generate greater profits.

Thermal Infrared Imager

Infrared energy is a kind of invisible energy, its wavelength is very long, can not be detected by the naked eyes. It's a part of It is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, human perceive it as heat. Different from visible light, in the infrared field, any objects that temperatures above absolute zero are able to radiate heat. Even if the surface of the objects like ice are very cold, can also transmit infrared energy. The higher temperature, the stronger infrared radiation, infrared imaging can help us see hat naked eyes can not.

Infrared imaging system can produce infrared images or thermal radiation images, and can provide accurate non-contact temperature measurement capabilities. The temperature of almost objects will rise before appearance of failure. In most areas, infrared imaging system is absolutely a cost-effective detection tools. Since most industries will consider highly effective production, energy management, increase production and production security as their key goals of development. For this product is being constantly applied in a variety industries and applications. Make use of imaging system to control process, monitor equipment quantity and safety is a more practical approach than ever before


Suitable for machinery manufacturing, electric power, chemical & petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, cement, lime, pulp and paper, rubber tires, and many other industries preventive maintenance, which can effectively detect and control the production process, keep abreast of changes in temperature, temperature raise caused by abrasion, gas leakage, the tank liquid capacity, welding process control.   

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