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Power saving technology

Power saving adopts feasible technology and economically reasonable measurements to reduce down direct and indirect electricity consumption, improve the energy efficiency and protect the environment. Make use of electricity in a rational and economical way and convert the discarded energy into electricity takes the priority among the energy saving measurements. Firstly, electricity saving: due to the productive technology of electromechanical equipments, the electromechanical equipments in the industrial and mining enterprises have serious power consumption phenomenon. However, the electricity saving ratio can be higher than 20% by the applying some professional energy saving and reconstructing measurements, which will generate great wealth across our country. Secondly, utilizing the waste heat to generating electricity: in China there exist the largest coking industry, the world leading metallurgical industry and iron & steel industry in number and output, and cement industry, all of which can produce a lot of waste heat, smoke and exhausted fume. If the emission is given off to air, it is a large waste and pollution as well. If they can be converted into electric power, the environmental pollution will be reduced, and more than this, enterprises can get more electric energy, which will improve the re-use of energy.

Based on the advanced power saving technology, the quality electricity saving products will reduce down electricity consumption and carbon emission of electric equipments, which will save cost for our clients and benefit the environment as well.

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