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1st TECH Biodegradable Descaler

Cleaning and purging Technology

As far as the industry enterprises are concerned, all sorts of condensers, exchangers, compressors, vacuum pumps, boilers, air-cool engines, chemical cleaner and filters, or the water scale, rusty scale, mud other sediment formed in the other water cooling, water heating and water operating equipments are all serve problem. The water pipeline remains clean and smooth in the equipment system can operate high-effectively at the rated power. Once water operating equipment or system blocked by incrustation. It will reduce efficiency, increase water scale and shorten usage life. If the incrustation cannot be removed timely, it will face the hazards that maintenance, shutdown or abandonment and replacement.

The research data shows the massive effect of incrustation on loss of thermal transition. With the increasing of sediment will enlarge energy expense. Even if a thin layer of water scale will increase the operating expense of 40% the scaling parts in the equipments. Remaining not contain mineral sediment in the cooler access can highly arise efficiency, save energy resources, extend usage life of equipment, meanwhile, save production time and expenses.

From the long term, traditional removing manners, such as mechanical method (scraping and brushing), high-pressure water, chemical removing (acid washing) ,etc appears many problems when removing equipments: cannot removing water scale sediment completely, acid created corrosion to equipment and formed leakage, the remain acid created a second corrosion or corrosion beyond scale, finally lead to replace equipment. Besides, removing waste liquid is toxic, which are required a large amount expanse on waste treatment.

The full-synthetic, compatible and safe, high-effective, environment protection cleaner can remove these sediment at regular interval, make the equipment recovered function, save energy resources, extend usage life, meanwhile; reduce the risks of repairing, replacement and shutdown. Because of its simple usage, it can be perform under the non-detachable and non-carried of equipment system circumstance, help our clients avoiding the large input of labor. Due to high- efficiency, many equipments systems can finish removing several hours without shutdown. Due to safety, even if contacting with skin, only need removing by clear water without harmful odor, when dissolving water scale, calcium chloride, and rust sediment, it will not create toxic volatile substance, for it is a biotechnology can release directly, not caused pollution to the environment.

Cleaning the scale of shell and tube heat exchanger

The Fusheng screw air compressor in one of the large petrochemical power plant, the heat exchanger is heat exchange between oil and water, the inner tube is cooper, the heat exchange area is 28 square. meter, normal work temperature is 77ºC- 93ºC, the temperature before cleaning is 92ºC, applying stock solution of 1st-TechTM about 15kg, add about 40kg water, the pressure of circulating pump is 3kg, circuiting cleaning 6 hours again and again, removing all sorts of water scale, rust .scale, loam, etc. Material about 1kg, the work temperature of start up after cleaning is 81ºC, ensure the normal production of equipment effectively, win the recognition and reputation of our users. The following is the course of cleaning and picture.


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