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Mibo International Corp. (MIBO) is an U.S. subsidiary of ZiBo 1st Line Composites Technologies Co. Ltd. Zibo was established in Shandong Province, China on April 11, 2002.

ZiBo is engaged in the business of integrating worldwide advanced technical resources and provides services for industrial equipments maintenance and environmental protection. Distinguished by its cutting edge technologies, skilled engineers, and reliable services and practices, ZiBo helps clients to control production costs, eliminate industrial waste and improve production efficiency. In the past years, the company has expanded the arena of high-tech material development and cooperated with several chemical companies such as the United States, Europe and Japan on environmentally safe products and solutions.

The rapid growth of China's manufacturing industries in the last three decades has greatly increased demand for machine maintenance and repair services. However, the pollution to the environment has been greatly amplified by reckless expansion of domestic manufacturing activities. This calls for a more balanced approach to tackle this issue which ZiBo has successfully addressed with its growing market and production. ZiBo has already provided services and products for various enterprises such as metal manufacturing, pulp & papers, mining, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cements while reducing the consumption of natural resources.

In recent years, environmental protection has become an important topic in China and the need for environmental preservation results require more sophisticated regulation by government agencies. The manufacturers have come to realize the urgent issue of environmental protection which is now required by the law. As a result, we can foresee a potential growth in the market of environmental protection products for China.

The success of ZiBo can be attributed to its partnerships with suppliers spanning all over world. Many notable suppliers have been the U.S. who are the leading manufacturers of new sustainable technology, practices and product regulation.

ZiBo understands the extreme importance of its relationship with the U.S. suppliers and has planned for the U.S. subsidiary since 2009. It will enhance the synergy between ZiBo and U.S. suppliers in sourcing and developing new products, materials and technologies. To establish an office in the U.S. is a critical strategic move for ZiBo to satisfy the various growing demands in China while creating a more sustainable life for all.

Mibo International Corp. is looking forward to your cooperation!